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That's me! sarah bodri  a.k.a BO. I'm Toronto-based photographer and artist; I live for analogue photography,  unabashed love stories, and emotive portraits.

I would describe myself as






I picked up a camera over  15 years ago and not only did I instantly love image making, photography revealed itself to be a means of empowerment and connection to others and the natural world. It helped me make sense of it all.

 Everything I saw, from mundane domestic scenes to summer light shimmering on Lake Ontario contained a story that, by some force of mechanical miracle, I was able to tell in a fraction of a second.

Fast facts

+ I love swimming, cycling and driving around the Mojave desert

"If I see a poem, I'm gonna read it"

+ I'm a pun afficionado and will out-dad joke the best of 'em

So that's  that's me. A tender-hearted Libra behind the lens with an unwavering commitment to story telling, image making, and intimacy.  Now you!

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Photo by Megan McIsaac


Wedding collections start at $3150.00+HST for 6 hours of digital coverage, but please email me for my investment guide for more info!

Portraits in my studio begin at $595.00+HST

My Approach

My approach to wedding photography is  documentary and go-with-the-flow so that candor and genuine feeling  become tangible in your wedding photos. 

I choose PROMPTING over POSING and I'll always help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I'm always listening so that I can tell your story with care

I'm always noticing the subtleties of feelings and environments so that I can tell your story with nuance

If you're looking for someone to capture the pure romance and unscripted intimacy, you're in the right place.

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