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That's me! sarah bodri  a.k.a BO. I'm Toronto-based photographer and artist; I live for analog photography,  unabashed love stories, and emotive portraits.

I would descbribe myself as






I picked up a camera 15 years ago and image-making quickly spoke to my love of aesthetics. More importantly, photography revealed itself to be a means of empowerment and connection to others and the natural world.  Everything I saw, from mundane domestic scenes to summer light shimmering on Lake Ontario contained a story that, by some force of mechanical miracle, I was able to tell in a fraction of a second.

Portraying people and the environment became my way of sharing the stories each one told and the beauty revealed when the light hit them just so.

Fast facts:

+ I love swimming, and being underwater

+ I devour literary fiction and poetry

+ I'm fluent in French; I'm into queer, feminist, and affect theory

+ I am a pun afficionado  (fine, call it a dad-joke!)

+ When I'm not photographing or scanning film, my time is spent on longer bike rides than I anticipated,  driving or hiking around the Mojave desert, or thinking about when I can go swimming again. 

So that's it, that's me! A tender-hearted Libra behind the lens with an unwavering commitment to story telling, image making, and intimacy.  Now you!

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Photo by Niv Shimshon

My Approach

My approach to wedding photography is  documentary and go-with-the-flow so that candor and genuine feeling  become tangible all over again.  Super traditional hard-line posing doesn't really speak to me, so I'm not one to tell you what to do, but I'll always help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. IMO the bottom line of your wedding day is for you two to revel in your love, and for those around you, especially your vendors, to ensure your comfort and ease.

I'm always listening so that I can tell your story with care

To me wedding photos are less about the perfect moment or backdrop (but don't worry, I'll find your light wherever you are) and more about the unabashed, unscripted intimacy between you two and the people you choose to witness your day.

The story of YOU TWO  is goddamn gorgeous and I can't wait to hear it! From your love language to your favourite date spot to the song you yell-sing in the shower, I'm about it.  That way when I photograph your wedding you'll have a genuine way to remember re-live  all the tenderness.  I'm also wont to capture some of your most candid moments, from the hilarious to the deep quiet ones. 

Basic coverage and digital file delivery begins at 2850.00CAD

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