Working with Sarah was a really lovely experience. From our first conversation she went to great lengths to make both myself and my partner feel comfortable and understand what we were looking for. Neither my partner or I like having our photo taken and she made us both feel at ease. She was great at encouraging us and inspiring us to think about what photos of our wedding day could look like. On the day of the wedding she was mellow and went with the flow and got tons of fantastic photos of us and our friends and family. She took really wonderful intimate and candid photos of the ceremony and reception. Working with Sarah and having her at our wedding was a pleasure.

Marishka & Max, 2022

Sarah made our wedding photoshoot the best experience imaginable. When we saw her work we were blown away by the images she captures and we couldn't believe it when she said she was willing to capture our elopement at city hall. We were so impressed with her care, attention to detail, and openness as a photographer. We were thrilled to recieve our photos which far exceeded our expectations and we really cherish the images she captured for us. On a personal note, Sarah is an incredibly personable, kind, and warm person and made the photography session ajoyful and really fun experience.

We loved that she asked questions about all the people that would be present and made such a significant effort to ensure we'd get all the photos that we wanted. We also really appreciated her excitement and vision. As the bride, I felt reallysafe going into the photos with her because I felt as though she really understood and could connect with my worries and insecurities about being a person with a disability in front of the camera.

Abigail & Elliot, 2022

You give off a very warm and genuine vibe. I remember you described yourself as “enthusiastic,” which felt weirdly comforting to me –like there isn’t any self-consciousness there, and as someone who is quite self-conscious in front of a camera that felt good. And I remember feeling like you understood our type of less traditional wedding and had experience photographing weddings like ours. Basically, you made us feel safe and like our love story would be safe with you.

Sarah was recommended to us through a friend, and we are so grateful that we were connected to her. The wedding gallery itself was beautiful – it captured images of love and friendship and community with such tenderness and care. The experience of working with Sarah was a delight. She has a way of making you feel so connected and at ease when you’re around her, which translated into natural and authentic photos. Cannot recommend her highly enough!

Nat & Emily, 2022

Omg Sarah!!!!! We love them so much. We looked at them together last night and we were instantly transported back to that day and all it's feelings. We can't thank you enough! We totally loved working with you and love how you captured our wedding. Our moms are definitely gonna cry when they see these!

 Nicole & Tim, 2021

Sarah has the eye and spirit of the perfect photographer. While she shoots, she is both attentive and incredibly giving--and that becomes tangible in her portraits. She brings the cluttered contents of your personality out into the best light.

Harltey Lin

Sarah's natural style made the experience of having a portrait taken feel more like hanging out with a friend - who happens to have a camera with them. The result is expressive photos that feel true.

Zoe Sharpe

Working with Sarah is always a pleasure. The atmosphere is relaxed. Her warm demeanor and patience put everyone at ease. Even my camera shy husband. Above all her easy connection with us shows in the stunning images she captured. She uses natural light so beautifully that her subjects glow. She captured happiness and hope despite the chaos in our new family. We look forward to working with Sarah to mark new milestones."

Kate Betts-Wilmott

Sarah has a keen sense for natural light, having been a fan of her analog photography, we hired her specifically because we trusted her to capture the fall light in our outdoor wedding. She did a beautiful job, our photos are a special reminder of not only the outpouring  of love we felt but also a reminder of that time and place in our lives. While our photos are timeless they are also a wonderful archive of our past as a couple and a family.

Brette & Jon

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